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Updated Rail Central plans published

Ashfield Land has published updated illustrative plans and new visual material for the proposed Rail Central SRFI in Northamptonshire. These will help local residents to see what the scheme could look like.

The visuals, which were developed in accordance with professional guidelines, are based on perspectives of the site from specific locations. Local residents and other interested parties will be able to view the visualisations and provide feedback on them as part of Phase One consultation. The deadline for feedback for Phase One consultation is 30 September 2016.

Ashfield Land has also published an updated version of the draft illustrative Masterplan which is based on more advanced and complete technical information and more in-depth survey work that is continuing to be undertaken.

Some changes to the plans based on feedback to date include:

  • Confirmation that no development is now proposed on land west of the A43 – which had been considered for potential additional commercial or leisure use.
  • Staff / visitors and HGVs will not be able to access the site from Northampton Road and will all use the proposed new junction on the A43. There will be pedestrian / cycle access and when required emergency (controlled via gates) access from Northampton Road.
  • Better defined public rights of way (PROW) and footpaths through, around and alongside the site, including new routes to ensure that circular routes are maintained, especially along the eastern side of the Northampton Loop to link the existing footpath route back into Milton Malsor.
  • More detailed landscaping features and designs to provide screening as well as meet environmental principles.
  • Proposed field edge hedgerow and rerouted PROW to the east of the Northampton Loop Line will encourage views out to adjacent open countryside

Work will continue on the masterplan throughout 2016 as survey work is progressed and more detailed plans will be published for consultation in 2017.

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