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Consultation key to shaping Rail Central proposals

Consultation will play a significant part in shaping the plans for Rail Central and started this spring (April) with a series of public exhibitions and initiatives to further raise awareness of the project and provide an opportunity for people to get involved.

As a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project (NSIP), there will be comprehensive community consultation taking place alongside a wide range of technical and stakeholder consultation.

The overall consultation programme is expected to run throughout 2016 ahead of a targeted application for a Development Consent Order (DCO) being submitted in Q1 2017.

Full details are included in the Rail Central Statement of Community Consultation (SoCC).

James Digby from Rail Central said: “We’re keen to ensure that people who want to find out more and get involved can do exactly that. The community consultation and the public exhibitions which are an important aspect of it will contribute to our overall consultation programme. Ultimately, we’re looking to design the scheme to be the best it can be and the feedback we receive will help to inform the proposals we take forward.”

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