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Local Liaison Group Workshop takes place

Rail Central was pleased to bring together the first meeting of the newly-formed Local Liaison Group (LLG) for a Workshop looking into scheme design and where community input can influence the design process.

Held on 16 March, the Workshop provided an opportunity to hear more about the design approach, to look at the opportunities and constraints presented by the site, and to hear from attendees with their questions and views.

Three main topic areas were discussed – 1) site use and building design, 2) transport, highways and connections, 3) landscaping and boundary treatment.

For each topic, the Rail Central team presented the approach to design being taken, how technical assessments will shape the design approach, and where feedback through the consultation process could make a difference.

The Workshop was held as part of the ‘informal pre-application consultation stage’ – the current stage of the overall process for engaging with the local community and stakeholders. Consultation will be taking place right throughout 2016 with a view towards an application for a Development Consent Order (DCO) being submitted in the first quarter of 2017.

Andrew Fisher, Managing Director of Ashfield Land, said:

“I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for attending the Workshop. This is one of the first steps in providing the local community with opportunities to shape the design process and to input to it. Feedback throughout the consultation will help to develop the designs and so we are grateful for everyone who has given up their time to participate and we look forward to consulting widely throughout 2016.”

Comprehensive public consultation is anticipated to begin from late April with local public exhibitions intended to run onwards and into mid May. As soon as details for the exhibitions have been confirmed through the Statement of Community Consultation (SoCC), there will be a full programme of advertising and all of the details will be available through this website.

The presentation slides, including the draft plans that were shown at the Workshop, are available here.

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