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Local Liaison Group now established

A Local Liaison Group (LLG) has now been set up to help coordinate and share information about the emerging proposals for Rail Central.

The LLG will provide a forum for coordinating and sharing information on the project, feeding back views and keeping people updated.

It is in addition to the full public and stakeholder consultation that Ashfield Land will be running during 2016 and specifically designed to complement the range of ways for people who are interested in the proposals to find out more and get involved.

Membership of the LLG is drawn principally from local parish councils.

Ben Copithorne, Rail Central Communications, said: “Establishing the LLG is another important part of widening our information and awareness work and ensuring that there are many ways for people who want to engage with the planning process to do so. The LLG will be a forum for keeping people updated and sharing information in a way which should benefit everyone, regardless of their views on the scheme. We’re pleased to have established it and grateful to those representatives who have said they want to participate.”

The LLG will meet regularly and receive monthly updates throughout the planning and consultation process.

Membership of the LLG is not based on representatives having a declared position on the project – it is simply a forum for sharing and coordinating information.

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