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Approach to design

We have adopted a design approach that ensures the scheme responds appropriately to its setting.

Approach to design

We have assessed the site to develop a high-quality and sustainable design that mitigates and balances the impact of the development.

Committed to delivering high quality, we have adopted a colour palette of pastel green colours, chosen a select range of building façade materials and carefully arranged screening around the site. This approach will minimise the visual effect and create a sense of identity and setting.


In response to feedback at Phase One consultation, a number of changes have been made to the design. These include:

  • The reduction of overall floorspace and reorientation of warehouse units in the illustrative masterplan to reduce visual impact
  • Enhanced bunding and screening around the development
  • Enhanced green corridor parallel to Northampton Road to create a landscape and cycle footpath linking the villages of Blisworth and Milton Malsor
  • The removal of direct access to thesite from Northampton Road
  • Connecting the east and west sections of the site with an underpass at Northampton Road
  • The removal of proposed development at land west of the A43 for a hotel, restaurant or training and innovation centre. The land is safeguarded to provide ecological mitigation and an informal pocket park
  • Ensuring diverted or rerouted footpaths preserve their accessibility and character. Around half of the landscape around the site will be publicly accessible amenity land


Sustainable and high quality design

  • The development is sustainably designed to reduce water use and energy consumption during occupation
  • Robust design and high quality materials that will exceed Building Regulations and secure 'very good' BREEAM rating as a minimum
  • Design creating a strong identity throughout the development for occupiers

Building colours and textures

  • Neutral colours including greys and graduated greens for the façade and roof
  • Materials include colour-coated metal cladding with minimal articulation to provide simplicity
  • The external building height will be a maximum of 18.5m

Site screening

  • Landscaped areas with trees and shrub planting is used to naturally screen the development
  • Earth mounding is used at key viewpoints to enhance screening, such as at Northampton Road
Illustrative view of rail infrastructure on completion, looking north
Illustrative view of screening at Northampton Road on completion

Illustrative view of a street scene within Rail Central on completion